Organize vertically

StrongRack R400

Free up your floor space! Organize vertically - store lumber, wooden beams, pipes or your sporting gear vertically.

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Utilize the vertical space of your workshop, garage or utility room. Keep your materials accessible in an instant. StrongRack arms can be mounted as far as needed.


High load capacity

Each shelf handles up to 50 kg, while the whole system effortlessly supports a substantial 200 kg load, ensuring sturdy and efficient storage for all your needs.


Robust and stable

Built to last, the StrongRack R400 offers reliable stability on each shelf and as a whole system, ensuring your belongings stay secure and organized without a fuss.


Easy mounting

Mounting the StrongRack is a breeze – simple installation for each shelf and the entire system ensures quick setup, letting you enjoy hassle-free organization in no time.

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